Thanks to the generous support of Miller Energy and Maple Hill Auto Group, we  are now offering a race weekend prize serise with a total purse of $2,750. 

We will offer $125, $75, and $50 to the top three points winners in each category across the two weekend races (Miller Energy Criterium and Maple Hill Race for Wishes State Championship Road Race).  The winners will be determined by adding the points from each race using the MBRA points series scoring.*  In the event of ties, prize money will be split (see examples below).  You must participate in both races to win.

Categories included in the weekend prize series

Men Cat 1/2
Men Cat 3
Men Cat 4
Men Cat 5 10-34
Men Cat 5 35+
Masters 35+
Masters 45+
Masters 55+
Women Cat 1/2
Women Cat 3
Women Cat 4

Examples of payouts in case of ties:

Two-way tie for first: First place tie splits total of $125 and $75 for total of $100 each.  Third place $50
Two-way tie for second: First place $125; second place tie splits $75 and $50 for total of $62.50 each.
Two-way tie for third: First place $125; second place $75; third place tie splits $50 for total of $25 each.
Similar logic for other tie scenarios… top money goes to top ties.

*The Maple Hill Race for Wishes is not included in the MBRA point series as the state championship, but the points series system will still be used for determing points for the Kalamazoo Race Weekend Prize Series.